…sure is fun to follow. Conservative banshee Ann Coulter recently referred to Democratic presidential candidate (and no-hoper) John Edwards as “a faggot”. True believers point out that it’s a “schoolyard taunt”, meaning “wuss, pussy”, and “you know, really uncool” (Yes, Matthew Shephard was savagely beaten to death for being uncool.), while most try to distance themselves (like total faggots, one presumes). Republican candidates Guiliani and Romney were – in an amazing coincidence – “not in the room” at the time the comments were made, but have both condemned the remarks, sorta, as has straight-as-a-Boa-Constrictor-talkin’ McCain. Guiliani I can actually believe, as he has certain progressive tendencies, but coming from McCain, a man who took a potshot at a 13-year-old Chelsea Clinton, calling her “ugly” to a packed house at a convention once, it rings pretty hollow.

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