More Open Source Fun

This time, it’s Sunbird, the Mozilla calendar (the standalone one, not Lightning, which goes into Thunderbird)

Anyhoo, with version 0.5, someone made a plug-in that gives you interoperability between Sunbird and Google Calendar, so you can edit your calendar using either one. I tried it out, and lo and behold, it works! Is your mind blown yet? I had a moment of sheer satisfaction before I realized this is utterly useless to me.

Also, I still have to run iCal in order for iSync to be of any use with my cell phone (which is still my killer app), so overall, it’s really not all that great a leap. Also, this is a freakin’ plug-in no doubt concocted after working hours by an open-source enthusiast. You’re telling me Apple can’t pull this shit off? For shame, Apple. Sheez.

19.09.2007 • Permalink