OK, this is apparently old news from last year, but still: Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s cult comic “Preacher” will finally make it to the small screen, courtesy of HBO, likely the only channel willing to deal with the series’ extreme violence and profanity. The story concerns a southern preacher imbued with the power of a creature named Genesis, the illicit spawn of Heaven and Hell. Like all southern preachers, he is good and just, and instead of hitting the motel circuit to score meth and male hookers with his newfound powers, he goes after God Himself to hold him to task for abandoning the world. Also, there’s guy named Arseface, the ghost of John Wayne, and one of the antagonists gets buggered by a sex detective in an alley in San Francisco. It makes a lot more sense if you just read it yourself. It’s a funny, violent and tasteless epic, which somehow also manages to be a thoughtful meditation on friendship and religion. And binge drinking. As a longtime reader and collector of “Preacher” and its various spin-offs, I just have to say: Be still my heart! But wait, it gets better: The pilot is to be written by the Mark Steven Johnson, the man who directed both “Daredevil” AND “Ghost Rider”, and the directorial duties will be assumed by Howard Deutch, who  directed “Grumpier old men”. I honestly can’t see anything going wrong here.

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