Castro Resigns

Fidel Castro resigned today at a tender 81 years. The US responded to the news:

Bush said he anticipates debate about Cuba’s future, and that some people will say “Let’s promote stability.”

“In the meantime, political prisoners will rot in prison and the human condition will remain pathetic in many cases,” he said.

Yes, yes, but apart from Guantanamo?

UPDATE: Ahem. Jon Swift, always spot-on.

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Republicans Take Brave Stand Against Illegal Surveillance

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) claims that Bill Bellichik, head coach of the New England Patriots, has been taping opponents’ games since 2000, thereyby learning their hand signals. This practice in considered illegal, and possibly unethical. Senator Specter also pointed out that numerous notes and tapes since then have been destroyed, indicating some sort of foul play.

“We have a right to honest football games,” said Specter, displaying traditional, republican values.

In other news, Congress this week granted immunity to telcom companies for wiretapping US citizens, while over five million internal e-mails from the White House, detailing among other things the evidence of WMDs in Iraq and whether or not torture is illegal — provided the US is doing the torturing — remain missing.

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