You know how you always sit around and snicker when you hear about people calling tech support and doing stupid things? Well, today, much to my chagrin, I invalidated myself. No longer can I make fun of these people. You see, I had a problem with my broadband connection, and after I had started and restarted the modem and the computer(s) many a time, I had to give up and call support. So I called – on my broadband phone, mind you – and the guy asked me a bunch of questions and then told me to remove the cable from the modem. Which I did.


“Hello? Still there? Anyone?”

You see, what I just found out is that when you’re trying to have a conversation on a telephone, it helps a lot if the telephone is actually connected to the grid. Otherwise, you need to talk REALLY, REALLY LOUD in order to be heard by the other party. I assume they had a bit of a laugh at the call center, and I got to feel (deservedly) like an idiot.

And that was the story of how I saved Amelia Earhart.

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