Rudy on the Rails!

Predictably, Al Gore endorsed Barack Obama yesterday. On the other side of the aisle, some are arguing that John McCain should run with Rudy Guiliani as his Vice President! Running on a platform of 9/11, with some focus on 9/11 as well as a few pointed references to 9/11, Guiliani spent millions of dollars trying to secure the presidential nomination without getting as much as a single delegate. So the idea of him becoming John McCain’s veep is delicious indeed. Imagine: a 5-month dirge from the Hanoi Hilton to 9/11 and beyond, terminating in some faraway land of convergence where the Vietnam war was initiated by Iranian islamofascists and Ho Chi Minh and Osama Bin Laden fight against their American liberators side by side on the streets of Baghdad while the French cheer from the sidelines. McCain/Guiliani: 40 years of fighting Johnny Foreign! While unlovable turncoat Joe Lieberman is a more likely choice, this insane configuration is so ripe with possibility that I simply must endorse it…go on, John: Rudy for veep!

17.06.2008 • Permalink