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After a full week of watching Deadwood, I am somewhat numbed to foul language and serialized storylines. Still, I had to empty my PVR this week-end, as it was perilously close to being full, and so I sat down for a five episode binge of AMC’s acclaimed Mad Men.

I think I’m doing a public service here by warning people not to gorge on it. First of all, you will get both a hangover and a sore throat, but more importantly, you will be forced to stare bleak existentialism square in the face at the end of the day after you realize that picket fences and consumerist propaganda will never fill that empty space in your soul. The thousand-yard stares and pregnant pauses in conversations can start to feel a tad excessive after a few hours, and you find yourself wanting to grab the characters and give them a slap to rouse them from their comatose states. Also, did you know the smoked in the 50s and 60s? They did, you know.

Of course, after a marathon of Deadwood, The Wire and The Sopranos, Mad Men can’t possibly NOT help but seem low-key, simply by virtue of the lack of “cocksuckers” and “fucks”.

Oh well. At least you get to see Nixon lose.

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