Lucky Seventh?

Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records and the man who signed Oasis in the first place, reviews their latest album. Some choice lines:

[…]a band with more personality and more amusing quips than any British band for at least 10 years […]

Indeed. Quips hardly get better than “I hope you catch AIDS and die”, nor do retorts rarely take wing and soar to such heights as “fuck you, you fucking fuck”.

And but a paragraph later, Alan wonders:

Maybe it is their the lucky seventh album? The Beatles and the Stones released Revolver and Beggar’s Banquet respectively, both were album number seven, and Dig Out Your Soul is on a par of with both in terms of classic songwriting.

No, it’s not.

Dig Out Your Soul is the sound of one of Britain’s greatest bands at play.

No, it’s not.

Look, I haven’t heard anything off the album, but no matter: I can still state categorically that there is absolutely no chance on God’s green earth that either Gallagher brother has come up with – or ever will – anything to rival Revolver.

UPDATE: In fairness, I’ve now had the chance to listen to the damn thing. I will say it’s not unlike Metallica’s Death Magnetic – an entirely OK batch of songs that fans won’t feel embarrassed to defend. And for both bands, that may be enough for now.

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