And The Winner Is:

Martti Ahtisaari, former Finnish president and peace broker for over three decades. As always with these things, I have never heard of the man, but that hardly counts as news. Among his achievements: negotiated a truce in the violent Aceh-province of Indonesia (and gave the rest of the country a miss?), helped oversee the disarming of Northern Ireland (like there’s not a ton of semtex still lying around some pub cellar somewhere…) and did a lot of work in Namibia, leading to the independence of said country. He also attempted to intervene in the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo for a few months months in 1999, and returned in 2008 to piss the Serbians off further by helping the province in the process of achieving independence.

According to the press, he’s “a solid, if uncontroversial choice”, meaning it won’t piss off Norwegian trade partners Russia or China. Congratulations, Martti, and kippis! Will we be seeing the Leningrad Cowboys at the Peace Concert, then? (pleasepleaseplease!)

Incidentally, Vladmir Putin was also one of the nominees this year. I’m sure it was a real close call.

UPDATE: Borislav Milosevic, brother of Slobodan complains that the win was politically motivated. 1) Duh. 2) Double duh.

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