New Year’s Resolutions for 2009

I realize new year’s resolutions often are futile attempts to impose some semblance of control over one’s life, and I know from experience that they only work if it’s something you really want to do. January 1st is The Big One for casual self-improvement buffs everywhere, but I think stressing a certain date brings with it a certain fatalism; you get tied to it to such a degree that if you fail, you have to wait until the next New Year rolls around. But since these are a few things I wish to go through with for my own self-improvement anyway, I figured, why not make them “official”?

1) Lose Some Weight
This isn’t as intimidating as I first thought. I attempted to go through with it last year, by changing my diet and walking home from work every day (about an hour); it worked wonders, and I lost 3 kgs pretty quickly. Then I hurt My Left Foot, and have struggled with a hairline fracture in it ever since. But at the very least, it proved it’s doable. My goal last year was 5 kilos by summer, and I was well on my way. Stupidly, I let the diet slide for a while, expecting my foot to heal quickly, and paid for it when it drew out. On the other hand, I’ve been stable at 80 kgs since, suggesting this is sort of where I level out. Now, it’s far from obese, but it’s still enough to make my shirts embarrassingly tight about the midriff. Therefore, I want to slim back down to my 72-73 kg heyday and slip back into 33″ or maybe even 32″ jeans. By going slow and steady, which They say wins the battle, I should be able to shave off at least 5 kgs with little problems by summer.

2) Cut Back on the Brew
This is almost an addendum to the first item on this list, as well as being a generally healthier approach. The past couple of years, I’ve taken up the extemely bad habit of always staying for one more drink, which is the opposite of what I used to do. One shouldn’t become less responsible as one gets older, so this is a very logical step which should be good for my health, weight and wallet. Secondly, hangovers that ruin your day are no fun and lastly, I was told I acted like a bit of a dick at a drunken night out recently, and that’s just not me.

3) Get Off the Couch
As a loner prone to bouts of mild depression, holing up at home isn’t necessarily a good thing. As a movie fan, I pledge to see more movies with other people, and as a music fan, I will try to attend shows by unfamiliar (to me) artists. I’d like to get back into theatre, and lastly, I need to explore more culture; as a former art student and current designer (albeit one of extremely limited talent), I really should take a bigger interest in the world of contemporary art. All I have to do now is find artists whose works I like and whose heads are on their shoulders rather than up their asses. I admit this could be a major stumbling block.

4) Create More Stuff
It’s been a long time since I really sat down and drew a picture or made a collage or wrote a terrible poem. I suspect this is an occupational hazard for those who are creative for a living, but I nevertheless want to recapture the joy of making something for no reason at all.

5) Read More Books
This is pretty self-explanatory. As a blog junkie, I realize I need to put the laptop down and WALK AWAY!
So: My five-point program for 2009. Is it doable? Very much so, but will I do any of it? Well, I can’t guarantee anything, but I think I should be able to get there if I put a modicum of effort into it. Nevertheless, wish me luck.

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