Barney Bites Back

I drop by Huffington Post once a day, just to check out the headlines. Yesterday, Barney Frank had a piece on what actually happened leading up to the current economic meltdown that Republicans blame him for. He repudiates their charges quite easily, as he lives in observable reality and not the Bizarro-Randian universe in which most republicans dwell, so of course the comment section is rife with bitching and moaning. Every time Frank appears, he is attacked by the right, and unlike most Democrats, he seems to revel pissing them off. Still, as far as I can tell, his major failing is being gay and out, instead of picking up guys in men’s rooms. So for no particular reason, I have distilled the general complaints about Frank’s piece into one chunk (can’t quite call it a shorter), below:

I am appalled that Barney Frank takes time out from the impending economic meltdown to repudiate lies perpetuated by Republicans. How dare he waste time defending himself against these attacks when he should just take it like a man, which is funny, because he’s gay. I always thought Democrats were supposed to be the responsible party, so why won’t they take responsibility, especially when the responsibilty lies with the Republicans? This smells of covering-your-ass, which is what I’d do around Barney Frank, because he’s gay! 
Also: gay! 

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