But! 24! The Ticking! Bomb! Scenario!

…I do not like your Christians..they are so unlike your Christ. (Mahatma Gandhi)

OK, this has been all over the Internet in the recent few days, so as the eternal Johnny-come-lately, I feel I should add my worthless comment. A recent Pew study shows that evangelical Christians are more likely to support torture. I’m not entirely sure why this comes as a total surprise. The very symbol of Christianity is one of extreme agony and torture, so seriously: is anyone surprised there’s a pain fetish there after 2.000 years of this doctrine? Anyway, the numbers say that 44% (Holy shit!) of white evangelicals feel that torture is sometimes justified (typically the “Jack Bauer has 24 hours to save a city, so he has to torture the nearest muslim” scenario), contrasting with a measly 34% (Holy fuck!) of the greater population. Call me crazy, but in my opinion, 34% of 303.824.640citizens adds up to … a not entirely insignificant number of people!

(These numbers reflect the US. Also, the poll seems to have been made using a sample size of less than a 800 – provided I read it right.)

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