And. He’s gonna be. High. As a. Kite. The 70s were. Sort. Of fucked. Up! But what. Art! They created. Man.
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Wile E. Quixote on Andrew Sullivan

This is written by commenter Wile E. Quixote and taken wholesale from the comments over at John Cole’s Balloon Juice. I don’t usually like cribbing stuff, but this was just too good.

I like Andrew Sullivan’s blog, I read it occasionally, have sent him fan-mail and we both love the Pet Shop Boys. However there are times when I want to subject him to an intellectual waterboarding to get him to realize how completely hypocritical he is on certain issues.

Andrew Sullivan is intelligent, but most of what his intelligence is dedicated to is intellectual gymnastics and rationalizing and reconciling inconsistencies between his lifestyle and his beliefs. He is a doubleplusgood doublethinker.

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