How to make a goddamn (non-brand) Moleskine notebook

Do you have hair on your balls? Do you want to live and/or die the Hemingway? This guide will help you slap together one of the damned tools needed to put down on paper what you see and what you feel in the best and simplest way. (You poseur.)

Requirements: Devil-may-care attitude, some storebought stuff.


  1. Buy a goddamn notebook and some wide rubber bands (ie. not as pictured above)
  2. Get your grubby mitts on a fucking stapler
  3. Position an appropriately sized rubber band around your goddamn notebook

You are now ready to experience the horror of war and the love of a good woman. All while describing it in terse goddamn wording that you will write drunk and edit sober.

(Hat tip to The Awl’s How to cook a fucking steak)

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