Broadway Melody

Fred Astaire

(In honor of World Poetry Day, here’s one I wrote back in 2000.)

Perhaps my favourite moments
are his entrances;

The sly, knowing glance he throws her way,
the sauntering stroll onto stage,
hands in pockets, swing in step,
on feet that effortlessly
adhere to other rhythms;

But most of all, the anticipation:
knowing wonders of grace are imminent
and that curious moment
when his body turns to mercury:

Wordlessly, he sings a virtuoso counterpoint,
visual tones in the keys of detached nonchalance,
studied elegance
and suspension of disbelief;

Now, who would doubt an instant
the footprints on the ceiling
or argue the grace of the hatstand?

Perhaps my favourite moments
are his entrances;
magic as real as anything;
a myth and a memory, forever entangled
like two lovers dancing,

cheek to cheek

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