Mad Men

Mad men still

It’s nice to have Mad Men back. Season 5 is upon us, and it amuses me greatly that elsewhere, Lane Pryce is tring to blow up the universe, and that his wife was possessed by deadites some 19 years ago.

So, my proposed ending for Mad Men: Olivia Dunham appears out of thin air at SCDP to arrest Lane Pryce for future crimes against humanity. (Bruce Campbell makes a guest appearance as an obnoxious doorman who sends both Rebecca Pryce, a deadite, and creepy Glenn, now an older creepy Glenn, to Hell.)

Olivia’s appearance unexpectedly pushes Ken Cosgrove two decades back in time, where he ends up working as a detective in LA, while Joan Holloway is sent to the future where she becomes a master thief and assassin.

Roger is recruited to Fringe division (dep’t of Adjustments) and despite his misgivings about “those yellow French bastards,” helps contain Megan Draper’s teeth, which are threatening to lay Quebec in ruins.

Pete Campbell keeps sleeping with the au pairs, pushing Trudy into a pill addiction. She eventually leaves Pete, enrolling in college in Colorado.

(This post will actually make perfect sense to the keen TV viewer.)
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