In the time it takes John Carter to start introducing the protagonist, Evil Dead 2 has already blown through two (2) possessions and one (1) decapitation, and is, unbelievably, only getting started! Greatest movie ever? Hardly, but definitely a contender for the most fun.

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After all, what is Atari’s Asteroids if not an 8-Bit Theatre of the Absurd, revealing all of life to be a pointless, Sisyphean exercise—where instead of pushing our boulders, we blast them with tiny lasers? Are we not all simply triangles imprisoned in our own endless space? Will Asteroids be not the mirror held up to the existential hopelessness of our lives? Will it have hyperspace jumps?

Sean O’Neal, thinking deep thoughts, for the AV Club.

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The 16GB Surface

Hey, turns out there is a 16 GB Surface. It’s the 32 GB Surface. […] Of course, you could probably get a hunk of the Surface’s space back by deleting Office, but the ability to run total awesomeness like Office is the Surface’s key selling point.

via John Moltz’s Very Nice Web Site.

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Tech that

Most likely, Apple is going to copy Microsoft very soon with a keyboard-cover of its own, and that might help to make the iPad a slightly better productivity tool. But unless or until iOS is overhauled beyond a simple app launcher, it isn’t going to fit the bill.

While it’s not the focus of the piece, I don’t quite understand the obsession tech journos have with the Surface keyboard. After all, it’s not part of the basic package – you have to buy it extra. The iPad has a huge accessory ecosystem, including the rather ace Logitech keyboard case, so why is this considered such a big deal? (That’s not to say the Surface doesn’t look like a neat piece of tech, because it most certainly does.)

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