Unless I write “and then his Galaxy 4’s battery died” no one can ever get lost, forget an important fact, meet a partner outside of a dating site, or do anything that doesn’t eventually have them picking up a phone. So I’m stuck writing about an era where Ethan Hawke was considered the pinnacle of manliness.

The travails of the modern author. (via The Awl)

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In the fall of 1940, over a year before Pearl Harbor, [Stevw Rogers/Captain America] first volunteers to join the army to fight the Nazis specifically. This isn’t an apolitical patriotism forged out of a sense that the U.S has been attacked; rather, Steve Rogers had come to believe that Nazism posed an existential threat to the America he believed in. New Deal America.

via Steven Attewell: Steve Rogers Isn’t Just Any Hero – Lawyers, Guns & Money

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In the 70s, Paul McCartney was slagged by critics for writing “silly love songs” – so he responded by recording a mega-hit called, yes, “Silly Love Songs”. That’s about 0 fucks given, which I understand is pretty punk rock.

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Spring flowers, Autumn moons,
Water lilies still carry
Away my heart like a lost Boat.
As long as I am flesh
And bone I will never find
Rest. There will never come a
Time when I will be able
To resist my emotions.

Plaint, Chu Shu Chen

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Whenever I listen to post-Revolver Beatle music, I’m pretty happy that Paul nagged the others to keep working instead of just hanging out, doing drugs and meditating.

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Go Sox!

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest baseball fan out there, but spending three years in New England was certain to have a certain saturating effect. I was going to post the version of Sweet Caroline where Neil Diamond shows up to sing out out of tune and on delay, but for obvious reasons it’s pretty dire, so here’s Dropkick Murphys with Tessie instead.

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