I’ll admit it: my heart skipped a beat around 1:00.

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Stumbling Through The Dark

I’m very fond of The Jayhawks, even the allegedly “lean” years without Mark Olson, and was one of the faithful who came out before their vaunted reunion. Gary Louris is a massively talented songwriter, and while the twang may have been more subdued during his tenure, only a fool would dismiss those years. (The Sound of Lies is one of the best releases of the 90s.)

Here is the wonderful “reprise” version of Stumbling Through The Dark (written by Louis and Matthew Sweet) that closes Rainy Day Music. It’s a wonderful confluence of simple elements: the slight tremble in Louris’ voice; the hushed harmonies; the gentle strum of the guitar; and finally, the slight echo in the background suggesting an empty room – all coming together to highlight the vulnerability of the narrator’s words in a most beautiful way.

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