Community’s Sixth

As a fan of perennial sitcom underdog Community, I was happy to read it was granted a very unlikely stay of execution by Yahoo!. The show pretty much ended on a perfect note after its third season, and if you’ve never seen Community, just watch those first seasons and ignore what comes after. (Of course, once you watch the first three, you’ll just want more. That’s how it works.)

The Yahoo! Screen experience is … not good. At first I thought it was just my slow-ish connection, but I’ve seen several others complain about the same thing. It was laggy and image quality kept jumping from sharp to blurry. A shame, really but hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon. Of course, a sub-par online viewing experience is also exactly what you’d expect to end up with where Community‘s involved.

Anyway, the show itself is a few characters short, and their absence is felt. Furthermore, the pace feels … off. New cast members Keith David and Paget Brewster acquit themselves well, though, and Jim Rash is always a delight.

The good news is that there’s still plenty of hilarious stuff on display and while returns may be diminished, the reduced cast is still worth hanging out with. With everyone’s contracts ending after this season, it’s a safe bet that this is Community‘s final lap, so I’m crossing my fingers it’ll end on as strong a note as 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation.

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