The Patriot is one of the best-known and least-understood weapons in the US arsenal. It’s the Brad Dourif of surface-to-air (SA) missiles, very good at what it was designed to do, but continually mis-cast, forced to do roles it wasn’t meant to handle.

From Pando Daily’s The War Nerd. Sometimes you come across a simile that’s just so good.

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Fedirighi demonstrated the “Slide Over” feature to bring up the Notes app on his iPad while he continued to browse the web in Safari. It’s the perfect innovation for users who might want to, for instance, watch exotic pornography while they, for example, consulted their notes for a news item about Apple product announcements.

John Teti covering the new Apple stuff.

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Relativt stillestående affære fra Johnnie To. Der Election var nervepirrende og til tider morsom, var dette ganske standard HK gangster-oppgulp. Western-tilnærmingen er grei nok, men Exiled fremstår mer som John Woo i lavt gir enn Johnnie To på sitt beste.

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