Love, Take Me Down (To the Streets)

I’ve written a few words about Paul McCartney on this very blog before, so no surprise there’s more to come. I’m seeing Sir Macca tonight; it’ll be my third time. My very first «proper» concert was his ’89 tour. The best show I’ve ever attended was the ’93 tour – I was up front, just a few feet away from the band. That show was so good, I was dubious as to whether or not I should go this time around, as it could only be a relative disappointment.

Then I remembered how I roll my eyes whenever someone say George Lucas did a number on their childhood because the prequels didn’t live up to the originals, so off I went.

Anyway, the above is obviously not by the Wings. It’s from the movie Role Models, a running joke that’s funnier than it really should be. It’s written for the film and performed by a McCartney sound-alike. It’s also not a bad pastiche of Wings, so it’s only fitting to post it before I head off to see the man who inspired it.

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