Harlan Ellison improbably turns 82 today. Happy birthday, Harlan. You’ve taken raging against the dying of the light to a whole new level. Not to be outdone, affable New Zealander and musical genius Neil Finn turns 58. Don’t stop now, I guess.

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You discover, later, that you’re not good enough, or not lucky enough, or not present enough, and you made too many important decisions on the fly because you were too busy or too scattered or too tired, and that you’re never going to be that person who writes one of those inspirational blog posts about success. You’re in your 40s and you’re still standing on the shore, keeping a wary eye on the riptide, because you know that all the small things you’ve built could be swept away overnight. Warren Ellis

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Economists should reread the work of their father figure, Adam Smith, who saw society as a huge machine. Its wheels are polished by virtue, whereas vice causes them to grate. The machine just won’t run smoothly without a strong community sense in every citizen. Smith saw honesty, morality, sympathy and justice as essential companions to the invisible hand of the market. His views were based on our being a social species, born in a community with responsibilities towards the community. How Bad Biology is Killing the Economy

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