Technocrats make mistakes, it’s true — many mistakes. Brain surgeons also make mistakes. That does not mean I’d be better off handing the scalpel to Boris Johnson. Better a flawed expert than a flawed amateur. Democratically elected politicians are not well placed to do technical work and neither are voters. Where democracy is not up to the job, we turn to technocracy instead.

From Undercover Economist

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“Sure you could drink a reliable beer that tastes delicious,” continued the brewer, whose flagship beer is called Juice of Anus, “but where’s the sense of adventure in that? Would you rather look like a middle aged dad sipping on a Heineken that tastes lovely or a trendy go getter fighting back a brew that was made in someone’s bathtub and tastes like a tramp’s piss? I know which I’d rather be.”

Drinking Expensive Craft Beer That Tastes Shit Now Cooler Than Drinking Cheap Beer That Tastes Nice

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Some time ago, I decided to dip my toes in the Kickstarter waters to help Irish popsters Pugwash make their new album. The first single is here at last, and if you love classic pop, it’s sheer bliss. The Perfect Summer is come, so rejoice and spread the word. (And if you need further incentive, Jason Falkner produced.)

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See, I have no purchase intent when I hit the paywall. I mean, I get irritated that I can’t go see this thing for free, but the deal is, my cognitive state is not open to buying something. It was open to getting something for free. I have just been frustrated. It is possible that I will fork over and FINALLY decide to get my subscription, but I suspect that most people just get frustrated. It’s not that they don’t *want* to support quality journalism, it’s that they don’t feel like buying it *right then*.

Dan Hon making a salient point about online news and the purchasing problem.

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I’ve been using the powerful, open-source Handbrake app to convert movie files for what seems like forever1, but even after all these years, I barely have a clue about the settings. It’s a classic example of simply having too many options. The presets tab contains five categories2, each of which has a ton of sub-options: for example, under the General options tab there are 16(!) options. Don’t get me wrong: Handbrake is great, but I always wonder if I’m using it optimally, because I honestly have no frickin’ idea.

  1. Often in conjunction with another app like RipIt, because the subtitles tend to suck. ↩︎
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