The Times remains one of the best-staffed news operations in the world. If they don’t right the ship on the editorial page quickly, there is a nonzero chance it could sink and take the rest of the paper with it.

The Equivalence, it is false

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Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, for example, Sobchak said, “I believe we could have avoided” the current tensions “if Russia were not rejected by the European Union. Unfortunately, the Europeans have not overcome their instinctive fear of Russia and never invited my country to join their great project.” The remark, of course, misses the fact that Russia neither applied to join the EU nor showed any willingness to go through the arduous accession process.

Putinism With Human Faces

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I have an emotional attachment to RSS the technology and RSS the community that sort of defies explanation. I suppose it’s the same way I feel about my library: I’ve collected a little treasure trove of other people’s ideas, and I’m not entirely sure what my life would look like without them.

How to Read the Internet

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