I have an emotional attachment to RSS the technology and RSS the community that sort of defies explanation. I suppose it’s the same way I feel about my library: I’ve collected a little treasure trove of other people’s ideas, and I’m not entirely sure what my life would look like without them.

How to Read the Internet

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This is the end game of capital – to make you a machine, to blur the boundary between life and work so far that your identity is so keenly bound up in it that you can’t conceive of yourself without working, all the while making you pay for the privilege of self-exploitation. The loneliness of self-employment is consistent with current free market ideologies of individualism and isolating workers from each other. When everyone is freelance it is much harder for workers to act collectively, demand higher pay from their clients, even take over the means of production, or achieve better security from government.

Why Office-Based Juice Raves Can’t Hide The Dark Truths Of Self-Employment

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Politics has become like a game of football in which the only thing that matters is that our side wins and nobody cares about the quality or even basic honesty of the game. Most of us have forgotten that we are citizens as well as partisans.

Stumbling and Mumbling: Democracy in question

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“Quit your boring job and find something you totally love!” […] This is insane advice. For most of us, not only are we unlikely to find what we love “out there”, but because our biology is in charge, if we do find something we “love”, it’s more likely to be lust or infatuation that we’re actually feeling. When reality kicks in and the realisation dawns that we don’t have the chops to cope, it will be too late for us to realise that we’re not going to make a living from the thing we thought we were in love with.

To Do What You Love, Love What You Do

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Mark Hamill wasn’t thrilled about the direction Luke took in The Last Jedi, but came around. I kind of get him, though. Wouldn’t it be nice to have seen at least one Jedi master avoid stepping on his dick, force-wise? The Jedi are supposed to be extra attuned to everything, but they just. Keep. Fucking. Up.

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You know the nonsense about Generation Snowflake, their obsession with celebrity (cynically cultivated by the self-same media interests), their queering approach to gender and sexuality, their free easiness with a diverse and changing Britain, their addiction to phones, their lack of patriotism and entitlement; these serve to invite comparisons with themselves, the gritty post-war generation who came up through the school of hard knocks, and are deployed to rationalise the young’s much less secure existence as tough love. Crap work, low pay, poor housing, few prospects, this is the just desserts for a spoilt cohort of kids who don’t even know they’ve been born. It’s class conflict sublimated through generational conflict, of setting up a gerontocracy of haves whose privilege depends on keeping the young as have-nots.

The Economics of Polarisation

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