Like the fundamentalist muslims he wants to destroy, Christian dominionist and US vice president Mike Pence can’t be alone with a woman who is not his wife, for religious reasons. Twitter reacts.

Starvation is is, then! Other things to ponder:

Hm. Dan Hon figures out why conservatives don’t want women leaders:

For some reason, Twitter remains unable to make money. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Så blir man stadig eldre.

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I’ve been listening to old U2 albums recently. Achtung baby, overplayed as it became, took me nearly 15 years to learn love again. I’m currently playing War for the first time in ages, and it’s sooo good – urgent, fiery, and yes, passionate. It’s so easy to make fun of Bono’s overblown persona these days that it tends to overshadow how fantastic a band U2 has been, how deserved their ascent to the top was. But time makes fools of all, I suppose.

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There’s a great understanding that comes with age, of how loss and change isn’t the exception, it’s the rule, it’s the deal. So much of our culture is spent hiding from that fact. It doesn’t make it less painful to go through change or loss, but you’re able to let it permeate you. What we are doing as a society is that process of letting go of the armor. Not everyone can do it all at the same time. But it is a thing that allows us to experience life as it really is and not as we pretend it might be. David Hyde Pierce On When We Rise, Frasier, and Coming Out

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Milo Goes Down

It’s truly heart-warming – and surely entirely coincidental – that “dangerous faggot” Milo Y. decided to open up about the abuse he suffered1 in his youth, only a day after derailing his gravy train by running over his own dick.

One confusing aspect of the whole debacle, however, is why the right is angry at the left over this thing. The left, after all, made Milo the star he is. (Or was?) Milo’s raison d’etre was pissing off liberals so the right could pay lip service to free speech principles.

Without the left, Milo would never have been invited to give the opening speech at CPAC. Without the left, Simon & Schuster would never have smelled money in the water and greenlit publishing Mr Peroxide’s musings on why women shouldn’t be allowed to study science and how to best misappropriate funds.

Concurrently, it wasn’t the left that told Milo to step down from CPAC. Likewise, Simon & Schuster’s decision to drop his book like a festering turd (but I repeat myself) was as cynical as deciding to publish in the first place, and based purely on the principles of free marketeering and profits.

The simple truth is that the left never had a chance of shutting Milo up. Honestly, he should be thanking the left on a daily basis – as I’m sure he will once the poor snowflake starts playing the repentant sinner in order to flog some new book.

  1. A lesser man would prefix this with allegedly. I never thought I’d say something like this, but I genuinely do hope Milo was raped in the ass as a youth, because him assuming other people’s genuine pain in order to avoid taking responsibility for his actions would be something only a really shitty person would do. Right? 
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