Still from In a Lonely Place (1950)

In a Lonely Place (1950)

Denne var ganske annerledes enn forventet; Bogart spiller en mordmistenkt skribent som viser seg å være en riktig utrivelig fyr. Selv om han er «helten», begynner man å stusse på om anklagen mot ham er falsk eller ikke. Bogart er jo mest kjent for sine (anti)helteroller, så det er artig å se ham omfavne skyggesiden fullt ut. In a Lonely Place er egentlig en kjærlighetshistorie forkledd som krim, og at filmen stiller spørsmål ved romantikken rundt «tough guys» gjør den unektelig interessant. Spennende er det uansett, og tidvis direkte guffent – det lettelsens sukk men eventuelt slipper ut ved filmens slutt, er på relativt grunnlag.

  • Regi: Nicholas Ray
  • Med: Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Grahame
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Though I have grown a bit weary of the endless mashups that pop up on the Internet, I’m not averse to good ones. They’re easy to get wrong, ut the best ones juxtapose unlikely sources and somehow make it work. Palette-Swap Ninja’s Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans is especially ambitious, combining A New Hope with the entire Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band. The entire opus can be watched on YouTube, and the music can be downloaded on their site.

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The academic production of knowledge should not be used to make profit, but to improve society. Academic knowledge is, or at least should be a common. The fact that academic knowledge is now part of the ‘for profit’ business can only be understood as the failing of the state and the dominance of neoliberalism.

The end of how business takes over, again

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Juicero […] was also just one of a whole constellation of companies that now operate under an ingenious model: take some banal product that has been sold forever at low margins, attach the disposable part to a proprietary system that pretends to improve it but really just locks pepole into a particular vendor, add a touch screen manufactured by Chinese tweens, call it “Smart,” and sell it to schlubby dads too indebted to buy a midlife crisis car and too unattractive to have an affair. Freddie deBoer: The three hot trends in Silicon Valley horseshit

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I’ve seen this all over the web today: “A white supremacist sucker-punching a woman in the street today is the embodiment of Donald Trump’s America.”1 I agree – it’s not pretty, and it’s only going to get worse. On the other hand – and I do hate to point it out – two months ago, people were laughing their asses off at neo-nazi dandy Dick Spencer getting sucker-punched in the street2. I detest what the man stands for, but once you condone violence, acting outraged later rings … hollow.

  2. Possibly by one of his own, it should be noted. 
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