Fedirighi demonstrated the “Slide Over” feature to bring up the Notes app on his iPad while he continued to browse the web in Safari. It’s the perfect innovation for users who might want to, for instance, watch exotic pornography while they, for example, consulted their notes for a news item about Apple product announcements.

John Teti covering the new Apple stuff.

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Writing about other people writing about spending a week with the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch: Some people really like it. Other don’t. A lot of people has an opinion about it, even if they’ve only read about it.

That said, a lot of people who also own other Apple products agree having a watch on your wrist is great because finally you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket to check the time, you can just look at your wrist and voilá!–there’s a time-keeping device, like, right there.

Also, it’s very stylish. Gunmetal grey is just one of the colors, and there are also bands with buckles. Those out-of-touch old brands could learn a thing or two here.

A lot of people have written or made podcasts about setting their alarms and getting up in the middle of the night to order one, because that’s perfectly acceptable behavior for grown people.

Battery life is also a thing – the watch works, like, almost a full day, that’s 18 hours or something, so you can charge it when you’re asleep and don’t need to check your watch. That’s the sort of neat detail that sets Apple apart. Nice one, Jony.

Anyway, this has been me writing about other people writing about living with the Apple Watch for a week.

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Overall, the iPhone 6 is a very nice big phone. I did not particularly want a big phone, but now everything is big phones. You people did this, not me.

– John Moltz reviews the iPhone 6.

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Pictured: Music industry and consumers. Not sure who is who

I can’t help but laugh – after a decade and half of Internet users demanding to avail themselves of other people’s creative output for nothing, people are losing their shit because U2 and Apple finally took digital music distribution to its logical conclusion, turning the tables and basically saying “OK, assholes: you win.” I picture the gory end of Captain Rhodes in Day of the Dead, screaming “Choke on it!” as he’s torn apart by lumbering zombies.

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Hello, I must Be Going

Apple just announced they’re killing both iPhoto and Aperture, and will be rolling out a new application simply called “Photos” with Yosemite, their coming OS.

I’ve been using Aperture for a few years and I think it’s a pity it’ll be retired. It was both powerful and easy to use. And of course, it’s not like Tim Cook is coming to my house to uninstall Aperture when Yosemite goes live, despite what rabid Apple haters may like to believe. While Apple isn’t nostalgic by any means (that’s its business model and philosophy, and users should know that going in), it’ll most likely be a few updates until it starts to break. That means at least a few more years of life.

So there’s no real reason for me to leave Aperture any time soon, and I’ll have plenty of time to master Lightroom for when that time comes. (I know Capture One is supposed to be good too, but I already use Creative Cloud, so that seems the easiest way out.)

Lack of updates notwithstanding, Aperture feels pretty features complete already,  at least for my basic needs. I want to beome better at Photoshop, as it’s both a fun tool and a useful skillset for a designer, but in all likelihood, the new Photos app will be more than enough for my daily needs. It does amuse me, however, how the simple knowledge that Aperture will be dying at a remote point in the future is enough to get me scrambling for something else.

Finally, I can’t help but notice that the “i”-era Apple started seems to be winding down, even in Cupertino. Ah, well. It was fun while it lasted.

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