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I’ve complained about people complaining about e-mail before, but I’ll happily complain some more, because I think there should be a common messaging protocol too.

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Google Tasks

Google is apparently revamping its mail service, and has also decided to make gmail’s Tasks function into a separate app for Android and iOS. I had to try it out of curiosity.

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Day One 2.0

Jeg har vært en flittig bruker av Day One siden starten av 2012, og har brukt den i hverdagen og på reisefot. I dag kom versjon 2.0.

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Jeg fikk en noe merkelig, eller iallfall uventet henvendelse fra den nye svenske fototjenesten YouPic her om dagen.

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From Me To You

I’m sure I’m not the only one getting a bit tired of MC Siegler and his ilk complaining about e-mail. We get it, you want us to use something else, and preferably – I’m just taking a wild guess here – a service you’ve invested in.

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Hello, I must Be Going

Apple just announced they’re killing both iPhoto and Aperture, and will be rolling out a new application simply called “Photos” with Yosemite, their coming OS.

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Pressed Flat

Flat file CMSes are all the rage with developers, I seriously doubt they’ll get much traction with anyone else until they become simpler to use. At the moment, they’re anything but.

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I can't quit you

I renewed my Flickr Pro membership yesterday. I don’t check my Yahoo! mail account very often, but when I did, I found my Flickr Pro account had lapsed about a month ago.

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Credit where it's due

To celebrate my new Kindle, bestowed upon me this Christmas by the lovely Girlfriend, I downloaded some new books. Well, not exactly new: some free classics from world literature.

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Up in the air

Google Chromebooks apparently did decent business during the holidays, and I can definitely see the appeal; after all, you can do a lot in the browser these days.

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There Can't Be Only One

To understand why HTC is in trouble, you need only compare their products. They streamlined their product line when they introduced the One series, and it seemed like a smart move.

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The Fat Lady Inhales

I just downloaded the alpha of Opera 15, the major new release that sees the Norwegian browser maker dump its own Presto rendering engine in favour of Google’s Blink.

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Death of a Reader

It probably should’t come as a huge surprise, but the mighty Google is shutting down Reader, its RSS service, on July 1st. R.I.P.

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Privacy on the Web

If you’re one of the people who post those screeds on Facebook DEMANDING I change my privacy settings to THIS and THAT because you don’t want your dinner photos seen by others, please unfriend me now and get it over with.

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Thoughts on Flickr

Most of us old warhorses who have been around the Internet a while (back when we had to use dial-up modems, barefoot in winter etc.) probably have at least a passing relationship with Flickr.

Posted 27/07/2012 in .

The Social Network

There’s a flurry of activity around Facebook these days. They just bought Instagram for a cool billion, went public (its stock tanking) and is rumored to be sniffing around Opera Software.

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Oh, Sergey: Google and the open web

Poor Sergey Brin. In an interview with The Guardian, he laments that he can’t trawl through the electronic diary on my phone for information to use to target me with ads, which is a Serious Problem for us all.

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Plus one

More than the post-apocalyptic experience, though, I think what gets me most about Google+ is its evangelists: exceedingly huffy folks.

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Lost in Space

From Lost in Space, a fascinating article in Fortean Times, about the Soviet “lost cosmonauts,” as well as the Judica-Cordiglia brothers, two Italian teens who figured out how to listen in on both Soviet and NASA transmissions.

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Why I left Posterous

Posterous was bought by Twitter. They claim the service won’t change, while at the same time telling all its users how to get their stuff to other services, so it’s fair to assume they’re not long for this world.

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Location, location, location

I just removed the Foursquare app from my phone. I’ve had it installed for almost two years and to date, I’ve used it a grand total of 33(!) times. And I can’t quite figure out why I would want to use it more either.

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