No one undergoing a crisis in any story by J. D. Salinger need ever have missed a bath on the way to his or her suffering; no one who has missed a bath need ever have felt welcome to appear. The crises of Salinger’s fiction are the crises of people who are better than people like you.

From’s 1999 feature on J.D. Salinger. Just a nice counterpoint as his hagiography aims ever higher.

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I get worried whenever I hear relatively intelligent people getting behind films like Avatar, describing it as “an immersive experience,” because whenever I attend one of these clobberfests I feel like I’ve been hit in the face by a bucket of shit, which is also an immersive experience.

Lucius Shepard still goes to the movies. I can’t for the life of me fathom why he keeps doing it to himself, considering how much he seems to hate it, but bless his heart.

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Anyone who says that assaulting people with hammers is wrong is just failing to accept the new hammer-assault reality of the digital age. Found this in my Google Notebook today. Can’t remember where this is from, but it does sum things up nicely, doesn’t it?

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