iLife ‘08

Now, I really dig my new Macbook. It’s way faster than my old iBook and I can actually get work done at home again. I’ll try to defrag the iBook, though – a laptop for random travel can come in handy, after all. Now, the MB isn’t perfect. I’m startng to adjust to the larger size, though I still prefer the 12”-screen. Still, the xtra screen real estate ain’t bad.

Leopard has given me few hassles, since we’re on the subject. It seems solid and while I know from other sources that there’s stuff that doesn’t work all that well, I’m not affected by it yet. For a non-power user, it’s grand.

There are other small things I can’t get behind, such as losing bluetooth interactivity with the address book, for example. Updating to the new iLife ’08 was a pain Or at least the iPhoto bit was. All of a sudden, I had a library twice the size of my old one, with edited and unedited files and JPGs and RAW files, and…oh, dear. I’ve yet to sit down and try to sort it out. The library folder is now one giant file, too, which is a pain. You can open it and peek at the contents, of course, but what the hell’s the point? I opened and restored one such file from Time Machine, then it promptly closed the option. It’s weird. I know I did it, I just don’t know how to do it again. Maybe it was a freebie. Still, I’m not looking forward to organizing the photos all over again. “Events” are supposedly better than “rolls”, though I fail to see the difference. Digital ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. After I got myself a nice printer, I print out the ones I’m interested in and put them in a book. There’s something nice about the tactility of a photo, after all.