Here you can find all the photos on the site. At some point, I intend to organize them into proper galleries, but that is for a later point.

Lighthouse in sunset with vivid colors Sletringen sunset
The weather’s turned now, but the beauty will be back soon enough
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Don't use Twitter/X.
Night Shift
What is this?
Plateomslag til Lillebjørn Nilsens «Original Nilsen» (1982) Original Nilsen.jpg
Lillebjørn Nilsens «Original Nilsen» (1982)
Sunset over frozen water Kadettangen
Solnedgang, Sandvika
Sunset Over the Hills and Far Away
Solnedgang sett fra Kolsåstoppen
Dramatisk solnedgang Solnedgang, igjen
Solnedgang ved Sletringen fyr
And the Storm says “Here I come”
Storm clouds gathering above Sletringen lighthouse, Frøya.
All for the love of you
A quiet place
The House on the Borderland
Dusk at Sletringen lighthouse
Sun over houses in winter landscape winterland.jpg
Sollihøgda vintertid
Ski trail going into dark forest with golden light in horizon Nightskiing
Nightskiing deserves a quiet night
Winter evening with light behind trees Winter Light
Skitur i Lommedalen
Roy Schneider in Jaws Bigger server
Every Mastadon admin right now
Waterfire, Providence, RI Smoke on the Water
Waterfire in Providence, June 2022
Sunset over ocean Light Over Water
Sunset, Frøya
Perfect circle, Tony Fletcher
Sun behind tree Midday_sun.jpg
Midday sun. Gavlesjå, Norge.
Guitar Hero
Lars Lundevall, Sentrum Scene, 18.02.22
Julemarked på Bærums verk. julemarked_2021_bærums_verk.jpg
Julemarked på Bærums verk.