Here you can find all the photos on the site. At some point, I intend to organize them into proper galleries, but that is for a later point.

Photo of lamppost and fallen leaves Autumn.jpg
A light that never goes out
Photo of house hidden in trees Country_Morning.jpg
Country morning
Photo of two children reflected in water Still_waters.jpg
Bølger bak Sletringen fyr Sletringen.jpg
Bølger bak Sletringen fyr
Waves Frisk bris
Waves off of Frøya, Norway
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Ferlinghetti
Lawrence Ferlinghetti in from of City Lights Books
blomster og sletrningen fyr Tre tårn
Three towers
SMBC: To the moon SMBC_To_the_moon.png
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: To the moon
Trees reflected in water Notodden.jpg
Trees reflected in water