Lucius Shepard at the Movies

I don’t see the need to sink billions of dollars into crap like Ghost Rider and Electra and like that. Most of them should be rated MC for Mentally Challenged.

You may not be familiar with Lucius Shepard, which is not that odd. Even as a genre writer, he’s been fairly obscure, and many of his books have been hard to find. It’s a shame, because he’s a stellar writer. I myself found out about him via the 12 issues of Vermillion which he wrote for DC’s short-lived Helix imprint. I loved it, to be honest. Helix died quickly, its only survivor being Transmetropolitan, Warren Ellis’ take on the future and valentine to Hunter S. Thompson. But my appetite for Shepard had been whetted. I found a copy of his novel Green Eyes in a thrift store in Cornwall and was hooked. Shortly thereafter, a few of his collections were re-released. I lost track for a few years, but found Valentine in City Lights Books in SF and read The Golden in the Berkeley Library (didn’t care for it).

Anyhoo, mr. Shepard reviews movies for the website, and boy, does he ever. Now, I don’t know if his stint at DC soured him on comics, but he never fails to have a go at comics, not least in his latest review, the spectacular takedown of Iron Man, which can be found here. I recommend everyone take a look. His reviews are not dissimilar to those of one Harlan Ellison. They are often cantankerous, angry, spiteful but equally often very, very funny. He admittedly provides good insights as well, but you get the feeling that he’s a guy who enjoys shooting fish in a barrel. Also check out his review of Sin City. It was how I found the site in the first place, as I was looking to find someone else who agreed that SC was a POS. It must have been written in the stars I would find mr. Shepard again. Anyway: Enjoy!