I signed up for a Twitter account because…well, I didn’t have much to do that day, and some site, maybe Valleywag, was all a-twitter (sorry) with news about it. So why the hell not? I have yet to post a single item, because – let’s face it – none of us are interested in what I’m doing right now. (Taking a break from work, as it were.)

Anyway, I happened upon an article about why Twitter sucks, and one of the comments was really funny, so I wanted to share:

Another […] reason that Twitter will fail is that women don’t use it. If your target market is 18 – 35 year olds, you have to get women to use it. If not, no reasonable male other than uber-geeks will use it.
The uber geeks will not be able to reproduce and will therefore be unable to pass on the genetic mutation that allowed them to find value in Twitter in the first place to anyone thereby leading to a slow and painful death for Twitter and the TWITs that use them.