The Dark Knight Returns In The Dark of Night Where it's Dark

22/07/2008 //

Having seen with my own eyes the lines crawling around the block in anticipation of tickets for the new Batman flick, I can attest that the interest is indeed huge.

The reviews have also been stunning pretty much all over, and critics are hailing The Dark Knight as an achievement that rivals the great movies of the grand masters of cinema, and stating that Heath Ledger deserves to be awarded a posthumous Academy Award for his performance as the Joker. (I’ve noticed that one thing that really awes them is how his voice goes both up and down.)

I’m sure I will love this movie. Nolan is a solid director working with a good cast and he has apparently even cobbled together a decent script that alludes to these angsty, post-millenial, post-9/11 times, but here’s the thing: It’s still a movie about a billionaire who lives in a cave and dresses up as a fucking bat.