I'm an Ad

OK, so Microsoft released some very strange ads with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. As ads, they were incomprehensible, but they got you talking, so in the sense of “there is NO bad publicity”, they were very successful.

All of a sudden, they were yanked and replaced with a direct response to Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ad. Now, it’s a well done ad and everything, but Microsoft has 90% of the market, so playing the underdog seems both disingenuous and … petty, I guess. Microsoft copying Apple is hardly news, but like I said, they have 90% of the market. How about something along the lines of “Hey, 90% of the world uses me. Blow me, Apple.” Just saying.

Still, maybe this will convince Apple to lay the “I’m a Mac” campaign to rest. They’ve been running long enough, and are getting sort of long in the tooth if you ask me. I’ve been using Apple half my life and even I thing they’re too snarky.