Day 03: Beijing and the Great Wall

13/07/2009 //


The Great Wall, but first, the jade factory. Guide looked miserable as we waited to leave, having bought nothing.

The Great Wall – we climbed a far as we could go. With another photo session thrown in for good measure. I was drenched in sweat and felt ridiculous. Hazy day, so we couldn’t see too far, but it was every bit as spectacular as they say. It was jam packed with people and sometimes everything ground to a halt.

At the bottom, we drank some much needed water as the hawkers screamed “Hello! Hello, please! Come here, please, sir. Hello!”

Then we went to lunch where we bought posters. Guide asked “Painting?” I said yes. “Mao?” I said yes again. “And Marx?” Yes. “Mm.” He’d seen it many times before.

The day the Ming Tombs. Then the Mr Tea House. Then home.

Before bed, we watched TV; I saw a serious iPhone rip-off (they even used an Apple in the ad), and then famed actor and suggested Oscar-winner Joe Clooney hawked something cigarette-related, that apparently made it OK for grandpa to share his smokes with his grandchild. They do things differently here.


(Not an iPhone. Nope.)