Day 08: Beijing - Xian

18/07/2009 //

Stig wasn’t feeling too well, so slept in and waited for train ride to Xian. Guide called previous night to explain how things would work. And how. I commend him on his dedication, but at some point it enters the sphere of the ridiculous. After explaining three or four times how it would work, he finally let me go to bed.

Walked around Beijing, ending up in the park by the Forbidden City before getting a taxi back to the hotel. The restaurant was full, so we tried the one around the corner. No-one spoke English, much less Norwegian. Nor was there anything in the menu, which struck us as odd as the restaurant was connected to a hotel with many international travellers. Ended up eating two bowls of the same. Faux pas.

The railway station was ridiculously large. The guide found us after 20 mins or so. Met some fellow travelers. Seemed pretty disinterested. Changed rooms, ended up sharing wth some Danes. In the grand tradition of Danish travellers meeting other Scandies, they stuck to speaking English.

Stig snored worse than ever. Nobody slept at all. Danes visibly pissed off the next morning. Oh, well.