Day 09 (Xian)

19/07/2009 //

_ Xian_

Xi’an. Station slightly less crazy than Beijing, but not much. Guide was cute girl whose command of English was less than Beijing guide.

The heat: wow.

Dropped us off at hotel. We finally got a room. Relaxed for a few hours after breakfast (Danish friends avoided us), then was picked up at 2. Headed to the Museum, but first lunch.

Lots of fascinating stuff. We kept lying and saying we’d seen all the jade factories and such, so as not to have to walk around the stores again. Museum was great, though. Strange to think that by the time the Chinese had an entire empire on its feet, my ancestors had barely figured out how to fling feces at one another.

After Museum, we went to the big goose pagoda.

After that, food again. We urned down offer of foot massage. Restaurant deserted, and we were still full. Damn. So: foot massage after all.

Pretty girl rubbed me down. My ticklishness made for a tense session, but it did feel good.

To finish evening, dance show. Very pretty. A flute tune about pigeons in flight threatened to pierce my ear drum, but I got through it.

No convenience store around in which to buy snacks. Boo. Twitter’s blocked. Facebook is shut off, too.