Consume, not create, etc.

05/09/2010 //

Perusing the MarsEdit forums for an answer on how to insert an image gallery into a Wordpress post using MarsEdit (unsuccessfully so far), I came upon an iPad thread, read the first few entries, and just had to make a screencap. It’s just the start of a thread where someone asks for an iPad version of MarsEdit; if you want to read the whole thing (I didn’t, btw, I just jumped off onto writing this – who know, perhaps this entire entry is further down the post), head over to the Red Sweater forums.

I don’t think the third comment is meant in a bad way, but it does rather exemplify one argument I plain never understood. When the iPad was announced, it was derided for running iOS (yet somehow wrested control of the tablet market from those Windows XP tablets – who knew an OS built specifically for touch capacity would have such an advantage?), for having poorer specs than those other tablets out there that up until now have remained vaporware (except the JooJoo, which is mostly considered a joke), and for generally being a device that was all about, yes, “consumption, not creation”. And so it was, said the pundits, that Apple had finally overplayed its hand releasing an overpriced device with few native apps. (Hey, wonder if that changed?)

Well, this post sort of puts the lie to the whole “consumption, not creation” tirade, doesn’t it? This person wanted a MarsEdit app for iPad in order to blog on the road. Blogging is creating content, isn’t it? I know Wordpress think so: they have an iOS app, just like they have a fine Android app (used on occasion by yours truly, and definitely recommended) and so on.

The bottom line is that it’s a bullshit argument and always was; the apps are out there, the numbers are growing every day. Not to say the App store is perfect, (though I haven’t used it myself, so am basing this on what I’ve read) but just because an app you want is missing today doesn’t mean someone (perhaps you?) won’t make one tomorrow. Who knows, maybe Adobe will make a Flash player that works even better on iOS than Android?

Of course, now that a deluge of Android tablets is on its way, most of them looking oddly similar to iPads (yes, I know bezels weren’t invented by Apple, but hey: why not innovate instead of imitate?), I expect those cries of “it’s just for consumption, not creation” will fade away to some degree. It’s certainly overdue.