iPad photo management

03/01/2011 //

So far, the iPad is a pretty stellar piece of tech, BUT … what’s up with the photo management? There seems to be a ton of photo editing software, but barely any actual photo management apps.

Simply put: if – or rather when – I’m traveling, I need an iPhoto or Picasa equivalent. I take lots of photos, and need to organize them as I go. The worst part is, the photo app only needs two additional features: creating folders within the app (seriously, Apple?) and tags. And I can live without tagging. As for EXIF info and all that jazz…pfff…not a pro, don’t care.

I would also like to see a proper blogging app. Windows has had LiveWriter for free for years, and it’s superb; the closest Mac equivalent is MarsEdit, which is very good, but not perfect. RedSweater is working on it, though.

Still, the iPad is barely a year into existence. Gorillaz just made an album on an iPad, putting the last nail in the “just for consumption, not creating” coffin. Android will push Apple and vice versa, with WP7 coming from behind, so I think we’re good.