I Was Just Thinking

07/11/2011 //

I bought Teitur’s debut, Poetry & Airplanes in Berkeley, back in 2003. I was leaving the US for good, and had decided to take the long way home, criss-crossing the country before heading to the airport and that final flight to the motherland. Poetry & Airplanes stayed on my discman on a near-constant basis, and largely comprises the soundtrack of that trip. (The other was Welcome, Interstate Managers by Fountains of Wayne.)

Eight years later, it’s still one of my favorite albums. The songs move from lush to intimate, tastefully scored and impeccably produced. Poetry & Airplanes feels pretty timeless and is a textbook example of solid, no-frills songwriting adhering to no particular trends. It’s understated, but never becomes overly twee, which also means it’s his best album so far. (His latest effort, Let The Dog Drive Home was very nearly very good, though, so I think he’ll surprise us yet.)

I Was Just Thinking is a song either about missing someone far away, or someone who is no longer in your life. To me, it’s been both.