19/03/2012 //

I’ve blogged about Ridley Scott before, and though I should know better, I can’t help but get excited by the new trailer for Prometheus. Scott is a masterful visual stylist, and when he gets a decent script to build those visuals on, he can come up with some amazing stuff.

From what I can gather, Prometheus started off as an Alien prequel, then supposedly became its own thing after a rewrite or two, which is patently bullshit, as 1) the title typeface is the same, 2) the ship they discover is identical to the one the unknowing Nostromo crew found in Alien, and 3) the alien queen thingie you clearly see at 1:37. (As you do.)

Like everyone else, I was always disappointed by how the Alien series went off the rails with Alien:3, and even though Alien: Resurrection was a slight improvement, the franchise was lost. (The awful, awful AvP flicks were lazy, cynical cash-ins, and the less said, the better.)

Frustratingly, Mark Verheiden’s run on Dark Horse Comics, collected in Aliens: Book 1–3, was everything the story could – and should – have been; mindful of what had come before, but moving the story into new territory. (It would have made a great movie trilogy too.) I recommend it heartily, and consider it the true continuation of the Alien saga.

In the end, suspicious and burned by can’t-miss trailers before (hello, dr. Jones!), I still get my hopes up: those snippets of Prometheus just look so good and are put together so well, and the fan in me really wants to see that universe explored further, even if only under an assumed name … and so goes the song of the fanboy. With Scott’s name attached, and the entire PR machinery of FOX Film Corp behind it, I’m sure Prometheus doesn’t need my help, but I’m crossing my fingers regardless. After all, John Carter certainly seemed like it couldn’t miss…