Call Me Maybe

25/04/2012 //

I love me a savory slice of bubblegum pop, though it admittedy makes me feel old sometimes. Pop music is the domain of the young, after all: a soundtrack for the time in your life when you both have the energy to care about the minutiae of band packaging, while also lacking real concerns like paying rent or keeping your job. On the upside, changing some concerns for others behind means you can enjoy the bubblegum without worrying too much about what it says about your credibility. (For the record, I speak as a man who owns four Belinda Carlisle CD’s)

Call Me Maybe is your typically catchy number; snappy, tuneful without being too saccharine, and short enough not to wear out its welcome. The video is similarly entertaining, and while I’m sure it was focused-grouped into oblivion, Carly Rae Jepsen, a product of the Canadian Idol (according to Google), comes over as a good sport willing to poke fun at herself.

Incidentally, Ms. Jepsen is signed to Interscope, erstwhile home of other bubblegum luminaries like Helmet and Nine Inch Nails.