E-readers vs tablets

10/12/2012 //

iSuppli claims e-readers are doomed, because sales are down from last year, and one of the glories of the free market is that there’s no room for niche products. Still, I hope it’s not the case. I have both an e-reader and a tablet, and prefer reading on the Kindle by far. Off the top of my head, a few of the reasons I feel e-readers beat tablets for serious reading:

  1. One Thing Well. The same mantra heard in software for years can easily be applied to hardware as well.
  2. Battery life. My kindle lasts weeks on a single charge. No iOS or Android device can match that.
  3. No distractions. For some odd reason, focusing on reading is easier without incoming emails, chats, calls, notifications, etc.
  4. E-ink. For reading, e-ink beats LCD by the proverbial country mile. Again: One thing well.

Of course, I’d also posit that an actual book does these things even better than an e-reader, but hey…