There Can't Be Only One

11/10/2013 //

To understand why HTC is in trouble, you need only compare their products. They streamlined their product line when they introduced the One series, and it seemed like a smart move. I really liked the HTC One S when it came out – it’s a sleek, sexy phone with a good camera (according to most reviewers, at least) and best of all, it came in a non-ludicrous size. The HTC One is sexy, but too big for me, and the One Mini is so big as to render the “mini” part of the name pointless. Then came the One SV, which had the same price point as the One S, but lesser specs, and now they’ve added to the Desire line with Desire 500, which is the same size as the SV, but cheaper and with even lesser specs, except for the camera(?).

So the One S is now two years old and apart from the One, every model that has come out since is worse. I think HTC had a shot; they obviously can’t compete with Samsung in advertising or selection (Samsung’s product line is as scattershot and vast as that of Linux distros), but at the very least they could have stayed competitive by slimming down the selection and making their phones incrementally better, not worse. Granted, I’m not a business man, but still: am I missing something?