10/05/2014 //

From Art n’ Cigarettes’ Tumblelog, via Neil Gaiman himself:

I waited in line for more than 5 hours in the rain, but it was definitaly worth it! The people I met today were great (the people who tweeted these and some others) and I just fangasm all the way. Man it was a beautiful day and I have never seen so many happy people in one place!
I’m the guy in the black and white stripes on the picture of everybody. I was number 7 in line. Which just so happens to be the amount of endless in Sandman.

Man, I wish I could’ve been there. I went to a Gaiman signing at Tronsmo in Oslo back in 2001; I was home from the US on vacation and working the most depressing summer job I’ve ever had. I read about the signing the day before and wondered if I could make it. The next day, after work, I jumped on my bike and took off as fast as I could.

It was close, but I made it. I brought two of my most prized Sandman issues,A Midsummer’s Night Dream and Ramadan. When it got to be my turn, Gaiman said “hi” and I realized I had nothing to say that everyone before me hadn’t already said, so I just held out the comics, smiled and nodded.

Gaiman picked up on me being a shy person, so he joked a bit and put me at ease. Then he grabbed his gold pen, signed both comics and embellished the covers by filling in the eyes. He looked back up at me, winked and said “Dave (McKean) hates it when I do that”. I nodded enthusiastically and mumbled “thanks”, and that was that.

The only clear two memories from that summer: Work was shit, and I sort of met Neil Gaiman, who cheered me up immensely for a brief moment.

Two or three years later, Harlan Ellison yelled at me. That was fun too.