06/02/2015 //

I avoid the Visual Editor like the plague! Only use it if I have to switch to it to use a theme’s built-in shortcode button. Otherwise – never use it.

This is, predictably, the very first comment from an article about adding custom CSS styles to the visual editor in Wordpress. The visual editor would be the dashboard most people use to write blog posts, largely non-tech people who don’t know Markdown from a Git repo, and couldn’t really care less.

It’s exasperating. Here’s an article written to solve a specific problem some people have, and this commenter’s first thought is to show up, bang on the door and shit the words “I DO NOT CARE FOR THIS” on the doorstep. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

I mean, I sort of get it: More and more, the just-passing-by putdown is becoming Internet SOP, but still … if you have nothing to offer, just once in a while would it hurt to just … shut up?